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Monday, 10 January 2022 16:11

Biblical Dispensations Explained

Welcome to Biblical Truths Did you know? Series.

2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

Now it's time to Study The Bible's Teachings on Dispensations.

The Bible clearly teaches about dispensations! Dispensation or Administration are periods of time that start with God’s dealing with men in favorable circumstances, with a particular test, and ends in failure and judgment.  What God commanded during one dispensation may or may not be applied to another dispensation. This will help answer a lot of your questions.

Right now, I suggest you focus on getting to know God in the New Testament. For all that is written in the New Testament applies to us living right now, in this the present dispensation of Grace.  There are a total of 8 Dispensations, 5 have completed, 1 is, the next one will last 1,000 years, finally the last will be for all eternity. We will show you how to rightly divide the Bible according to the Dispensations

1. Dispensation of Innocence: From the creation of Adam and Eve created sinless, to when they sinned and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. This dispensation did not last long, we would say it lasted less than a week!

2. Dispensation of Conscience: From the expulsion from the Garden of Eden to the flood of Noah. This dispensation lasted 1,656 years. 

3. Dispensation of Human Government: From the flood of Noah to the call of Abraham.  This dispensation lasted 427 years. 

4. Dispensation of Promise: From the call of Abraham to the exodus of Israel from Egypt under Moses. This dispensation  Lasted 430 years. 

5. Dispensation of Law: From the exodus of Israel from Egypt to the preaching of John the Baptist, or from Moses to Jesus’ first coming. This dispensation lasted 1,700years. 

6. Dispensation of Grace: From Jesus’ first coming to Jesus’ second coming. This is the present dispensation and has so far lasted 1,992 years. 

7. Dispensation of Divine Government – The Millennium: This age will start when Jesus comes back to set up the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: It will last 1,000 years. 

8. Dispensation of the Redeemed and faithful Angels: After 1,000 years, all sin will be purged, and God will then move His capital from Heaven to the planet Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven will give way to the Kingdom of God. This dispensation will go on for all eternity.

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