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Why Jesus Did Not Stay Dead - Answered!

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Why Jesus did not stay dead answered!

We all know that the penalty for breaking the Biblical commandment given to Adam and Eve was DEATH.

I have already posted another note on what is death, but in case you missed it, the word simply means “SEPERATION.”

Now let’s say the Adam’s did not break that 1 commandment, would there be death today?

Answer: NO!

The Adam’s would still be around today!

But since they broke the law and sinned, so death entered the human race, and all men die that’s a fact!

In the Heavenly court the Adam’s were found guilty and sentenced to eternal separation (death) from God in Hell. Case closed… Life without parole!

Now the human race was doomed, for man had to pay the price for breaking the law, but God before he even created man had a plan put in place in case man broke the law, he would supply a substitute to take man’s place and pay the full price and take on death Himself, leaving man FREE to remain in union with God.

That’s what all those Old Testament sacrifices typified! Some innocent creature was killed to satisfy death’s requirement.

But they were just types and did not have the actual power to save men from their sins; it was the looking forward to what Jesus would do at the cross as today we look back at what Jesus did at the cross!

Remember the law was eye, for an eye, tooth for tooth, well in this case it was man for man.

Since there was no innocent man to take sinful man’s place, the only alternative was for God to become man and take his place as the redeemer of man.

In the court case the substitute was to take man’s place and pay the full price letting man go, and hence man was bought back from death.

This of course was on a voluntary basis, for some men did not accept the free gift of life in Jesus Christ and decided to represent themselves in court figuring they would be granted some kind of bail, but there was no bail, just straight to Hell for not taking God’s only “Get out of jail and pass go for $200.00”


Now back to why Jesus did not stay dead!

Simple reason He had no SIN in Him, if He did not voluntarily die on the cross He would still be preaching the Gospel today and feeding multitudes a balanced diet of bread and fish!

Now since He took on man’s sin He was put to DEATH like all who sinned before, but since He was also a God, once the penalty for death was paid in full he could go free like any other man who paid the price.

Here is the difference man was created a mortal being, and had no power to come back to life from death, but Jesus being both man and God could, hence 3 days and 3 nights later, on His own he came back from Death and Hell, since He paid the price men who accept Him as their Savior are His, for they were redeemed and belong to Him.

Same as in the old days, men bought slaves and the slaves belonged to their master from that day forward.

So if Christ rose from the dead all men who accept Him as their Savior will also rise from death, for we are followers of Christ and like monkey see monkey do we too will have glorified bodies like Christ’s.

So one more time, there was no sin found in Him, He voluntarily accepted to pay the price for any man who would accept the deal setting that man free for life, in the Heavenly Court there is no second chance!

You want to be free from death; you have to accept Jesus today, for tomorrow might be too late!


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