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Preparing For The Big Move

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 Let's be honest with ourselves.  

For many generations now, we've been talking about humanity making big changes forward.

Yes, this applies to many different aspects in our lives, but never before has an opportunity like this been made available for every man, woman and child on the face of this earth.

Very simply, Jesus is coming back at any moment now.

There is no one prophecy that specifies the exact date or time, but what is given is the "season" in which the Lord will make a return to to bring home his children, before allowing 7 years of hell to transpire on earth before he makes his triumphant return as King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords for ever and ever!

Think about that for a minute...Let the idea that your life can totally change in the blink of an eye, from uncertain dreary to permanent bliss!  Imagine what winning a multi-million dollar lottery would be like;  you'd most likely quit your day job, pay off all your debts, maybe move into a different house, in a different neighbourhood or city ... and if you're a generous person, maybe take care of your family and close friends and help ease off the pressures of unpaid bills, or money to help with a medical condition, or whatever the need would be.  After all, what's a few hundred or thousand dollars when you have several millions at your disposal.  More money that you'd know what to do with for a few lifetimes.

Well, accepting Jesus today and making an honest attempt to understand what his imminent return means for your life, and what you must do to make his good list would be an *infinite* amount better than winning any mega lottery prize.  Why?  Because you'd get ETERNAL LIFE and A NEW PHYSICAL BODY and will live in a system that makes the use of money pointless, somewhat similar to the Star Trek universe where in the 23rd century, money is no longer required or used for trade or for the acquisition of materials and resources required to live.  All that is needed to survive is to give praise and worship to the King!  That is all.  Very simple indeed!  No hidden taxes or agendas.  Whatever debts you owe to society will be cancelled out!  You will acquire a permanent DUAL CITIZENSHIP card, allowing you to exist in both the earthly and heavenly planes of existence, all because you took the chance to believe in your heart and trust with the little faith of a mustard seed that what was written in the Gospels was all true, and for your own benefit.

The news of the day is quickly moving forward and in-line with many Bible prophecies, namely those outlined in the Book of Daniel.  This book provides the key that bridges what we read in the Bible. We have as empirical evidence from ancient manuscripts, archeological digs and historical facts that can be cross-refererrenced to show that what prophecy was fulfilled many centuries ahead of events that actually took place!  No where else can we get this type of physical proof.  No other book or collection of books can come close to what the Bible has stated, whether plainly or through gematria.  We can no longer deny the plausibility of Bible prophecy in context to where we are in the world today.  To do so would be foolish to say the least.  At this junction in time, we are all aboard a sinking ship, and the only lifeboat available is sanctuary with Jesus.  There is no other substitute.

While those of us who are "awake and aware", you might find yourself in the usual daily routine(s) of life; going to work, being on retirement, raising a family, going away on vacation, dealing with a terminal medical condition, doing time in jail, homeless on the street....whatever it is your're doing, whatever beliefs or lifestyle you choose to live, please take a moment to stop what you're doing and take these words of advice very seriously.  No matter who you are, you are human and have many imperfections.  Whatever you think is your best, may indeed actually be your worst!  The great life you think you're living may not be so great after all, when stacked up to what Jesus expects of us who wish to really make that change in our lives for the better.  We certainly can't keep adopting the rules and lifestyles of those around us because they too are all at fault when compared to what our Heavenly Father expects of us.  It's His standard, and no one else's that we should be comparing our lives to.

Until that time is officially here, don't quit your day job!  Keep doing what you got to do, but don't make the worries of this life your main focus.  You can safely shift all those worries and cares aside, and focus on moving in with Jesus when he comes to rapture his people.  Even if you are an unbeliever up to today, and you spend the last few hours of the day converting your heart and truly believing what Jesus promised, should he come for the rapture in the wee hours of the morning, yes, even before your alarm goes off to wake you to start your usual morning/daily routines, you will be saved and taken out of harms way, and given that chance!  You just have to change your attitude and truly believe....just like how kids believe in Santa Claus.


Be prepared to face scorn though....but don't worry, a dog's bark is not worse than his bite.  Just think sticks and stones.  Let the comments roll off your back like water.  Don't be absorbed by the negative things people will think and say.  After all, wouldn't you rather be safe in a lifeboat than stranded on a sinking ship?

Hope to see as many of you as I can on the other side.  I promise you, it will be the best investment of time you've ever made!

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