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Can You See? Featured

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You can spend years studying the Bible, but unless the Holy Spirit teaches and shows you the way you are just wasting your time.

The sad thing is that Jesus was right, the blind leading the blind, and it was also said seeing, they see not!


A good example is someone trying to explain a stereogram (see above image), but he himself has never been able to see the 3D picture in it!

You listen to his explanation and can’t resist but laugh at the nonsense coming out of his mouth.

You try to explain to him how to see the 3D image but his ego steps in, I have studied this stereogram for 50 years, and who are you to tell me there is a 3D picture in that?


Once you see the 3D picture, then you can look at any other stereogram and see the truth right away. 


Same rule applies to the Word of God, don’t listen to the blind!

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