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file Pangea, 2300 BC and Comets

1 year 7 months ago #10 by rbalfour
Replied by rbalfour on topic Pangea, 2300 BC and Comets
Great finds!  I’m looking at the links and videos you suggested, This is precisely what I was looking for! 

Looks like the LXX is the way to go for matching dates with our calendar.
it also seems like the Jews were not meant to be astrological record keepers on the whole. They had to depend on the heathen priests  to interpret the stars. Daniel in the Babylonian royal court is one example.
The romans and Persians saw the signs in the skies for the arrival of a king in Jerusalem, as told in Setterfield’s explanation of the star of Bethlehem.
So counting backwards in the genealogies from the birth of Jesus to the reign of David, and even goi g back to the birth of Abraham we should be able to match the founding of Egypt and the construction of the pyramids, and also determine when the Pelleg/Tower of Babel incident took place… and get the accurate date of the flood AND the astronomical causes of the flood and all the subsequent “divine intervention from the skies events” we see chronicled in the Bible, and in the few years remaining now before the Second Advent.

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