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Friday, 14 April 2017 23:17

Mystery No More! Ivan Panin Proves The Authenticity of The Bible Featured

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"It's all fables!"...."It is a fictional piece of work that was written by people a long time ago!".... "The Bible was copied from ancient Sumerian texts, so it's not an original..." .... "There no way to prove anything that's written in it.." ....

These arguments, and many others like it have been used against Christians for generations.   Most people that try to defend the Bible as being the authentic word from a supernatual being,  who created our planet and everything in it and around it find themselves hardpressed to answer or silence their critics.  They often cite to trust God, or to pray for the Holy Spirit to provide guidance in finding answers.  Unfortunately, many people have a hard time with a faith-based belief system.  They want cold-hard proof!....physical evidence that leaves them with no dobut about any claims made regarding the authenticity of the Bible.

Well, wait no more!  The proof you've all been waiting for is here!

It turns out that in 1890, a Russian exile named Ivan Panin made the discovery of the mathematical structure that is intricately woven into each letter, word and verse of the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible.  You can read more about his amazing discoveries here:


Link 1, Link 2

This discovery confirms that the Bible was authored in such a way that no human being could have done on their own, with hundreds of centuries separating the authors and their contributions.  Only today we can appreciate this astonishing feat, thanks to the use of computers and telecommunications protocols which use these kinds of complex calculations and algorithyms on an every day basis!  Banking, Internet, radio and TV broadcast signals, 2-way radio all use secure and encrypted communication protocols that are designed to minimize the loss of data while ensuring that the information being communicated reaches its destination and for its intended recipient.  For example, during a war, it is vital that members of the same team are able to communicate with their base, without the enemy intercepting and decoding their messages, locations and vital instructions that are required to make life or death decisions on a moment's notice.

If you think this is an isolated case of decoding messages from the past, we only have to look at the work done by Jean-Fran├žois Champollion, a young French linguist who in the 19th century discovered the keys to unlocking the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics with the aid of the Rosetta Stone, which was found and excavated by Napoleon's army.

Champollion Rosetta

Champollion's discovery opened up a new and unexplored world by deciphering what no one else could.  If it wasn't for his gift for languages and curiosity, perhaps today the inscriptions on many tombs, amulets, parchments and ancient buildings would still remain an enigma today.  In much the same way, Panin's discovery opened up a new way to explore the writings of the Bible and allowed humanity to confirm without a doubt, that it is what it says it is.  The implications of this discovery are enormous!  For anyone with an open mind, they will find within its pages not only a collection of ancient stories, but also the key to understanding what is happening in the world today, why we are here and who we really are.

The overall story of the Bible is about a war that is mainly fought in dimensions of space and time that humanity cannot easily understand.  Our humanity has been taken hostage by entities that want us to believe there's nothing special about us in this part of the universe.  They want us to believe we are slaves to thier ideologies and social systems, and to that we must live out our existance as slaves whether we are aware of it or not. 

When Jesus said in John 3:16 that anyone that believed in Him and his mission would see everlasting life in his Kingdom, he was giving anyone with an ear and mind the hope they need to one day break free from the "fake life" that we've been forced to live for so many generations.  No one else dead or alive can save us mentally or physically.  Our thoughts become who and what we are, and when we are constantly surrounded by stressful events and disharmony in every facet of life, we wear ourselves down and struggle to our deaths to barely make our ends meet.  This is not the life that we were created for and meant to live.

The truth is that the Bible says we are Royalty! We are heirs to a kingdom, one that will replace all the corrupt systems on this earth.  All those who believe in the message of the Bible have an important role to play in this coming Kingdom!  The idea for this Kingdom has been around since the creation of this universe.  In the weeks and months ahead, we will finally get to see and feel what this Kingdom will be like, for ever and ever!  Earth will be the capital of the universe, and those who believe on Jesus and the Father who sent him will live like kings and queens for all eternity!  


Now why would anyone want to pass up on a free offer like that!  Believers are GUARANTEED to win!   If you're not one now, what are you waiting for??

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