LOGOS Season One
A spiritual voyage into the pages of the Bible

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The Next Generation Christians believe in taking God at His word, and we stand firm as to “If God said it, then simply believe it!”.

Along with interactive videos, this book reveals the simplicity of understanding the Bible and answers many age old questions that many skeptics, religious experts and the general establishment can’t or refuse to answer!

Some of the truths revealed in this book are out of this world, but rest assured, you will find the answers to life that you have been searching for, and finally understand who you really are and why you are here!

One just has to search the Scriptures like Jesus said, and if you don’t have time to search them, we searched them and put the answers in this book for you! Get ready to embark on a spiritual voyage that will transform your life into what it was meant to be!

LOGOS Season One is the perfect gift for your Pastor, Bible teacher, and that one guy in Church who keeps asking questions that no one can answer!